The Northern California Nisei Bowling Federation consists of the 12 recognized associations displayed on the map (left). Each association consists of one or more bowling leagues where the majority of the bowlers are of Japanese descent. The purpose of the NCNBF is to unite these leagues and/or associations for the purpose of developing a spirit of good fellowship, recognition of outstanding achievement of its members and retain the spirit and heritage of Japanese ancestry.

Five of the associations organize and run a tournament which is open to all bowlers participating in a league run by a recognized association. These tournaments, allows us to get together, compete on the lanes, rekindle old friendships and start new ones. The idea behind this website is to act as a centralized source for tournament information including entry forms and tournament results.

The NCNBF also provide services to the tournament committees in the form of promotion of their tournament through this website and providing average verification for tournament participants through our membership database.

Our executive committee is headed by Darren Tsumura from the Sacramento Nisei Bowling Association and Mark Yoshinaka from the San Jose Nisei Bowling Association/Tri-City association. Our treasurer is Jim Mars from the Fremont Nikkei association. Mark also serves as our webmaster and database admin.

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